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Questions & Answers
Who can travel at a reduced rate?


If you've travelled with us before on any trip (not just our ski programme) you and all your family, friends can travel at the special reduced rates, bring as many friends as you like. No ifs.. not buts.. 

Can I have skiing lessons at resort


There are no English speaking ski schools at Gerardmer however plenty of people seem to get by very well by joining along with the French school and simply copying everybody else.

Why are some departures dates sold out so soon


Some dates are sold out very quickly due to past customers making group bookings

How do I hire my Ski's


No need to pre-book. There are 5 ski hire shops at the foot of the slopes adjacent to the coach park. These shops are usually quiet at the time we arrive. The total cost of your ski & boot hire is approx 15 Euros

(or less) however you will need to hand over your passport as security


When do I get my lift pass


We collect your lift passes in advance giving you maximum time on the slopes. Your lift passes and piste maps will be handed to you en route by your coach crew. Don't forget your lift pass is included in your package.


Can I make my own way from the slopes to the town


On weekends there is a regular free shuttle bus service from the slopes to the town. Our own coach departs the slopes at 6pm

How do I book my own hotel

Very simple. We've made it so easy with no room for mistakes, next to your departure date is a link to Hotels This link is pre-set for the correct place on the correct date. The link gives you large choice of hotels of your standard & budget. Remember the price displayed is per room not per person! For example if the price displayed is £40.00 that's £20.00 per person. If there's 3 0r 4 of you sharing a room this will make it even more economical! 

It's important that you choose a hotel that offers free cancellation just in case of the unlikely event of no snow! Most hotels offer a continental breakfast ranging from 8/15 euros. Maybe worth while buying a breakfast from your coach hostess? Hot bacon/sausage roll, orange juice, tea/coffee etc

Why do we book our own hotel

When it comes to hotels we can't please all the people all of the time. Some people may just want a cosy 2* hotel in the town centre, somewhere just to have a shower and a good nights sleep. Others may want to stay at a 4* hotel with swimming and sauna. We give you the choice 


Can I also do the night skiing


There is floodlit night skiing on a Saturday which starts at 5.30pm however you will have to pay extra for the night time lift pass. Remember our coach departs the slopes for town at 6pm and the free shuttle bus finishes at approximately the same time, so you'd need to get a taxi back to town. Our coach leaves Gerardmer town centre at 9pm. After a full day on the slopes, are you really sure you also want to go night skiing?

How can I travel for £109.00


Anybody that has travelled with previously can travel a 2nd 3rd 4th.. time for just £109.00  Not only you, but also any guests travelling with you (even if your guests haven't travelled with us before) Just click on the booking link "Returning client" 


Where do we get changed


Within seconds of us arriving at resort our crew erect 2 pop up changing room tents. These sturdy tents are 6'6" square & 6'6" high. We also put out plenty of plastic chairs giving you somewhere to sit while changing from shoes to ski boots.


Where can I eat at resort


Plenty of places to eat at the foot of the slopes, ranging from a quick snack at a hot dog stand to enjoying a coffee or a meal at one of the indoor/outdoor restaurants. Also a couple of restaurants at the top of the mountain.

Will we stop en-route


Only for a short refuel stop in Luxembourg. During this time you're welcome to have a quick leg stretch, however because a vast majority of people will be sleeping, no announcement will be made and interior lights will not be switched on.

What times do the slopes open


Slopes open at 09.00 and close at 5.30


What if there's no snow


Gerardmer has 168 snow making machines. It's very unlikely for the slopes to be closed due to lack of snow. Gerardmer has a great ski history only losing a day or so every year! In the event of the slopes being closed you'll be offered an alternative date. 

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